How do you treat a burn?

Old and New Procedures

Burns are a common injury in a lot of different scenarios. This blog is going to cover what to do when you or somebody you know gets a burn.

The old procedure for burns in first aid was to run the burn under a cool flowing tap for a minimum of 10 minutes.

The new procedure is to run the burn under a cool flowing tap for a minimum 20 minutes. I somebody has collapsed or can not be placed near a sink or a running tap, the best way to still cool the burn down would be to have a bucket/jug of cold water and pour it over the burn for 20 minutes. Make sure that the bucket of water is always cool enough, you do not want the temperature of water getting too warm.

Why have they changed it?

The latest research has connected longer periods of water treatment with reduced levels of damage and scarring. Taking this into account an updated treatment procedure was advised and released in the public domain.

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